About Our Breeds
Uzbek Short Face (USF)
USF are very gorgeous birds.  This breed was developed in Central Asia by
crossbreeding Russian Turmani, Polish Short Face, and Medium Face Uzbek
Crack Tumblers.  As many German heritage immigrants left Uzbekistan for
Germany after the fall of the "Berlin wall", they introduced this breed in Europe.  It
became very popular in Europe.  European breeders of USF improved some
qualities of USF and there is currently a debate whether this breed should be
called Eurasian Short Face or USF.  Due to high demand of USF in Europe, USF
were exported in large numbers across Europe.  Currently, due to diminishing
numbers of USF in Uzbekistan, Uzbekistan Government announced that USF
are considered Uzbekistan heritage and were put on the list of protected
species.  As a result, export of USF from Uzbekistan is prohibited.  Recently, my
good friend and I were able to import several birds from Germany.  Currently,
there are a few breeders of USF in USA but there is a need for good quality stock
birds.  The standards for this breed are very demanding and difficult to achieve.
Gulbadam are very gorgeous pigeons. These pigeons are red or creamy when
young, and as they mature, they become mostly white with red or yellow spots
on the head and neck. They can be double, front, or back crested.
Kapkan-Chiny are white with a brown breast and a few black flecks on their
body. When they are young  they are mostly brown. As they mature, they become
mostly white with a brown breast.  
These pigeons are mostly black with white heads and a few white feathers on
their bodies.
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Uzbek Crack Tumblers