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We specialize in breeding great quality Uzbek Crack Tumblers
in California.  Our goal is to promote, preserve, and enhance the
unique qualities of these breeds.  As we continue to breed
these birds, we maximize on both, show and performance
qualities of Uzbek Crack Tumblers.
About the Breeds and  Standards by V. Saradjan (click on
The Uzbek Crack Tumbler is a unique group of breeds having very distinctive features such as the size of beak,
presence of crests and muffs, and colors within the group.  In Russia, these breeds were referred to as
Uzbekistanian Crack Tumblers.  However, in Uzbekistan, natives identified each breed according to the
breed’s color, locality, and physical appearance.  For example, Andijan pigeons that are muffed and spade
shape crested were originally bred in the city of Andijan and therefore received their breeds name based on the
locality.  There are breeds of Uzbek Crack Tumblers that are plain headed, back crested, double crested, and
front crested.  The shape of crests can vary from breed to breed. There are approximately 80 different colors of
Uzbek Crack Tumblers.
The Uzbek Crack Tumblers are great performers that include high flying and tumbling varieties.  The name of the breed comes from the unique
flight characteristic known as “crack tumbling”.  In flight, Uzbek Crack Tumblers interrupt their horizontal flight and while standing like a column in
the air, they begin to rise up vertically while tumbling and clapping their wings together making a sharp clap or crack like sound that can be heard
from a distance.  These vertical column flights can reach a height of 10 meters and can be repeated several times during the flight. With a regular
training, these birds can stay up in flight for up to 8 hours.  In Uzbekistan, these pigeons are called “playing pigeons” and are highly valued.  In the
past, Uzbek natives organized regular flight demonstrations.  Recently, there has been decline in the flight demonstrations as many breeders
began to focus on show qualities of these birds.
Flight characteristics
City of Bukhara
Uzbek Crack Tumblers
Welcome to David's Pigeon Loft
Uzbek Crack Tumblers
Many of the Uzbek Crack Tumblers breeds originated in Uzbekistan, city of Bukhara. The
Emirs of Bukhara brought several different breeds of pigeons from Persia to their lofts.  
For many years, they cross bred these pigeons with the local Bukharin breeds resulting
in a great variety of new double crested and long muffed breeds. For over three centuries,
breeders in Samarkhand, Tashkent, Namangan, Fargona Valley, and various other
regions of Uzbekistan acquired these breeds from the Emirs of Bukhara and continued
to breed these birds.  Following the World War II, many of these breeds disappeared. In
the late 1960, these breeds began to reappear in the private lofts of Uzbek fanciers.  By
1990, several clubs of Uzbek Crack Tumblers were established.  Now, the Uzbek Crack
Tumblers are very popular breeds in Russia and Europe.
Emir Temur
The Uzbek Crack Tumbler breeds have various colors and markings.  In the Uzbek language, there is a corresponding name for each of these
colors and markings including:
Chelkar-are ash gray when young, as they mature they become spotted with black flecks
Chiny-are red when young, as they mature, they become whiter
Gulbadam-are red or creamy when young, as they mature, they become mostly white with red or yellow spots on the head and neck
Awlaki-are white winged and white tailed with different body collors
Sochi-are black breasted with white head, muffs, tail, and wings with black flecks.
Udy-are light gray
Welcome to the home of the American Uzbek Pigeon Organization that enjoys and shares its love of one of mankind’s oldest companions, the

Since the beginning of human history, the humankind has looked after pigeons, and at AUPO we carry on this noble tradition: a tradition that brings
people together in the embrace of community, competition and camaraderie – regardless of color, class or creed.

This site is dedicated to the promotion of raising performance and fancy pigeons as an enjoyable hobby of choice. Our passion is to help
youngsters enjoy a hobby that is safe, educational, and a lot of fun.

Furthermore, this organization is dedicated to the humane treatment of the animals around which we have formed a common bond.

We find that this hobby has a great appeal to those who enjoy working with animals, to those who appreciate their performance and beauty, to
those who like friendly, wholesome competition. We also find that the allure of these amazingly beautiful birds is overpowering.

If you would like to become a member of our community and share in our hobby, just contact us and we would be glad to add your name to the
growing list of pigeon fanciers from all walks of life. You do not have to own, breed or show pigeons to become a member of the AUPO. We are
sure though, if you hang around long enough, you will not be without the feathered creatures in your backyard.

Finally, my brother Steve and I dedicated this site to represent Uzbek pigeon hobbyists around the world in fellowship, breeding, maintenance,
conditioning and exhibition of the Uzbek pigeons.  The AUPO is devoted to these hobbyists, the further development of the Uzbek pigeons and the
continued educational benefits associated with the breed. Please pass on our web address to your friends in the hobby.
Great News for Uzbek Pigeon Fanciers -- We have translated
Uzbek Short Face standards and they were approved and
published in the New Book of Standards by NPA!!!!!!